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CAIA – Clube Angolano de Investidores Anjos

Our mission is to further develop the Angolan startup ecosystem through investment, events and education. Improving the reputation of local Angolan businesses to potentially help attract more funding.

— The growth of your businesses, is our joy!

Our  initiative aims to help startups to get investment and long term to help prepare ventures for potential future rounds of investment.

  • Ventures that have been officially incorporated
  • Ventures in post-ideation and post-revenue phase
  • Ventures that are able to show significant traction (revenues, growth, job employment, etc.)
  • Ventures that are willing to open their financial statements to the investors
  • Individual with a minimum annual net income of 35.000 Euros
  • Individuals willing to invest in long term solutions (exit after 3-5 years)
  • Individuals with time and patience to help grow the startups
  • Individuals looking to invest in innovation which translates into economic growth
  • Individuals no younger than 25 years
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  • — Investments
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